Whoa, whats up guys? Thought i’d cruise onto to my blog and show it some LOVE. I shoulda got on here a few weeks ago to share the story i’m about to share. Ready… I crashed and almost died! Ok, i did’t crash but i did almost die. Let me explain..

So for the past few weeks i was planning a road trip down to Oregon and California to do this it required me driving down through the middle of Washington. What i was doing was attending a golf course event in Lake Tahoe. I actually wasn’t participating, just watching. Why? Because it was the celebrity golf tournament with the likes of Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Tony Romo attending. It was a blast watching these athletes excel in a different sport on the golf course. I got to stay in a dope hotel called Harrah’s or something like that. I hit the casino’s by night and partied by the lake at day time.

I was bummed i had to leave early because i got called in for work. So naturally this left me stressed and i was also in a rush. I had to make the 16 hour drive in one sitting to get back in time. This left me driving a little crazy, not really though. But i was passing cars not going at least the speed limit. As i was approaching a city called Yakima i went to pass a car and my tire blew out. Unreal? Right.. Anyways i the car i passed nearly rear ended me and i ended up driving off the road and landed in a ditch.

That’s when i got on my phone and asked Siri to call the best towing company and i got hooked up with Yakima Towing

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 11.31.31 PM

They ended up getting me back on the road in a hour. It did suck to add an hour to my long drive, but i got home safely which is all that matters at the end of the day.

Hey what’s up all. Kellen back at it again with the late night blog post. Just wanted to get another post out because of a story i remembered at a concert party last summer. It’s hilarious so stick around and read this post.


So, i was at this trance concert last summer and it was a HOT 97 degree day in the middle of August. I was having a good time but i could tell some people were irritated by how hot it was and lack of water supply. I had listened to about 5 artists throughout the day and it was around 4 o’clock when i started to notice two guys start to get into it. I thought they had resolved there issue but then one guy took a giant swing and sucker punched the other guy. He was obviously taken off guard but as he was about to get hit again when he regained his senses and ducked just in time to miss another blow to the head. This time the guy missed and landed his punch square in the nose of my friend Sarah. I could tell right away that it was busted by the shape of her nose and the blood that was pouring out from it.

We took her to a first aid stand and had her nose attended to right away. The first aid guy said there was a sure possibility that the nose was shattered. So i took Sarah back to where we were staying and remembered that i have a family friend that performs nose surgery’s at Boise Rhinoplasty i then comforted her and let her know that she would get the help she needed to get her nose back to new.

We took the rest of the weekend pretty easy as we stayed back from the big crowds and watched from a distance. All – in – all it was still a great weekend with friends and music. I’d do it all over again in a heart beat.

That’s it for now, i’ll be back at it with a fresh new blog post soon. This week is going to busy as there a lot of work that i need to get done. Everyone out there stay safe, till next time.



Hey, wanted to make an update on here about my plans for this summer. I love EDM festivals as you know. So, there are some great line-ups at a few venues i’m making plans for attending. Right now SXSW in Austin Texas is going on. Due to work i am unable to make it unfortunately.

Later on in the year i’m booking a trip in Atlanta, California, and Oregon for festivals. I plan on making it the best time of my life. I plan on getting most all of my work done these next few months so i can live it up all summer.

Check out this epic Hadra Trance Festival i found myself watching on YouTube yesterday:

If i ever went to a festival out of the country it would certainly be the Hadra.

Alright guys that’s it for now i’ll catch on the next post!

So i decided to take a spontaneous road trip through Washington State. Starting in Western Washington going to Eastern Washington. I was informed that you have to drive over a mountain pass that can have bad weather during the winter months. This worried me slightly because i drive a small car with no 4-wheel drive. But i was determined to make this road trip happen, so i loaded up my iphone with my favorite musical songs and hit the road.

mountain passAfter an hour into my drive the pass was rising in elevation and that’s when i saw white. Yes. White snow. I worried slightly my car would not be able to make it if there was a combination of ice and snow. I kept moving on regardless. The drive seemed like forever because i was only driving 35-40mph to ensure an accident didn’t occur. Another 30 minutes into my drive and i was stuck behind a semi truck that was moving very slow. I would have loved to pass but i didn’t have enough faith in my car to make it happen safely. After 10 or so minutes behind this semi i hear a loud crack hit my car. Immeadiatly i look at my windshield and lo and behold there was a chip. Great..

So after about three hours of driving i made it to a town called Wenatchee so i stopped to get some food and see if i could get my windshield repaired quickly before i continued my drive. That’s when i gave a business called Wenatchee Auto Glass a call. They had a time slot available and got me in right away. I was so thankful to get my window fixed so i could be on my way.

I continued my drive and decided my final destination would be Spokane, WA. So after a total of six hours of driving i made it to my final destination, i was happy to get there and get a hotel room for the night to relax. All in all it was a good day, just not the best weather conditions. Anyways, i’m going to sign off here for now. Im looking forward to exploring this city all day tomorrow.




City of BellevueLast week a group of friends and I took a night out on the town in Bellevue, WA. It’s a great city just 10 minutes outside of Seattle. Our groups initial plan was to go out and see a show at concert venue and then hit the bars later on in the evening. The problem was we needed to find reliable transportation.. We were out of walking range so we had looked into getting a taxi. After doing some searching online, we had found a great limo company that had affordable rates so we decided to give Bellevue Limo Services a call. Within 5 minutes we had a luxurious limo booked for the night.

So at 5pm we got picked up and headed to see our show. We saw two bands perform and the music was great. They were local artists who were up and coming. I decided to buy an album they had for sale after the show. The music got us all into a good mood for the rest of the night. So after the concert, we headed downtown for more good times and laughter.

Arriving downtown, we made our way into a bar that was very classy and played amazing dance music. We decided to stay there for the rest of the night until it closed. Our limo was great about getting us after too many drinks and getting us home safely. Many great memories were made that night and it’s one i wont forget soon. I can’t wait to go out again for a similar experience.

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I hope to post regularly on here to share my thoughts and daily living experiences. Life is great!

Audios for now! -Kellen